In the middle of May we received a request to design a system for a single-family house in Nordhorn. From two proposals, it was then quickly decided on the current roof layout, with the desire to realize a small east-west elevation on the garage roof.
The system now has a size of 11.880kWp, 9.0 kWp of which is on the house roof and 2.88kWp on the garage roof. Modules from manufacturer Canadian Solar with a module output of 360Wp were installed. The battery storage will be a modular system from the manufacturer BYD on 48VDC basis. With this system can be covered about 75% of own needs.
As an inverter, a system from SolarEdge was planned, which works with the optimizer technology. Thanks to the optimizer technology, the system on the garage roof will significantly increase production, despite the different orientation.
The electrical installation will be done this week and the system will be put into operation as soon as possible. To round out the system, a WallBox will be installed that communicates with the inverter system and can be programmed to charge using only self-generated PV power.
We are happy about the realization of this great project!