Eco CPC Renewable Altyapi Enerji Tic A., a subsidiary of Ecotecworld, is building its first solar park in Turkey. The solar park Tire will achieve a very high yield even for sun-drenched Izmir because on the one hand the radiation supply is optimally aligned and on the other hand the solar surface is optimally aligned. As a result, the Tire solar park performs well especially compared to German projects.
The solar park feeds into the distribution network of the regional utility Gediz A.S.. The electricity is consumed convenient for consumers in the adjacent community Derebasi / Tire about 95 km southeast of Izmir in the Aegean region. The total wattage of the two individual projects Özbey and Öztekin is 1.200 kWh. A total of 4.400 Solarworld SW 290 Wp modules and 20 SMA STP 60-10 inverters are installed for the solar park Tire.
The groundbreaking ceremony took place in September 2017. The installation of the DC works such as the substructure, modules and inverters will be completed in the coming week, the AC-side installations, such as the laying of the underground cables and the equipotential bonding are in full swing. Completion of the solar park is scheduled for January 2018.
The solar park is practiced by operating companies in which the Eco CPC Renewable Altyapi Enerji Tic A., is participated.