New project: De Watering at Coevorden

In cooperation with EcotecWorld Netherlands, we, EcotecWorld Germany, have designed a new project to build one of the largest solar parks in the north of the Netherlands on 12 hectares of land in the De Watering area near Coevorden. This project is an important step towards sustainable power supply for around 5,000 households and Coevorden will also make an enormous contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Coevorden – One of the largest solar parks in the North of the Netherlands will be placed on the site in the “De Watering” area by Solarfields from Groningen and Ecotecworld from Coevorden on around 21 hectares in the near future.This decision is an important step for the project, which is good for the sustainable supply of electricity to around 5,000 households and will soon enable residents and companies in Coevorden to buy shares in the project. The shares cost 25,- € per share and so that everyone has the chance to participate, the inhabitants may acquire in principle maximally 20 shares per person, thus for 500,- €.

As expected, the shares will be offered for sale via a digital platform in autumn, depending on the progress of construction. The responsible “wethouder” Jeroen Huizing is happy about the progress of the project: “With this project Coevorden contributes enormously to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the project is good for the local economy, because with the participation of ECOTECWORLD and the opportunity for companies and residents to participate, most of the investments remain on site. The operators also go to schools to provide information, advice and work experience projects.

Zonneakker De Watering” / Solarpark “De Watering “The solar park will be named “Zonneakker De Watering” and will be located on the west side of the N34 between Steenwijksmoer and Coevorden. ECOTECWORLD and SOLARFIELDS hope to be able to launch the plant in autumn 2018. The land use plan will have to be adapted and an environmental permit granted. On 23 January, the College also passed a resolution on this issue. A land use concept will soon be available for inspection. Approximately 13 million euros An investment sum of approx. 13 million euros is required for the project. In autumn 2017, the operators already received a subsidy SDE+ (Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie / Stimulation of sustainable energy production) from RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland / Government Agency for Enterprises in the Netherlands).

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