Start of the installation of three photovoltaic systems for the University of Groningen
On Monday, June 8th, Soltec Services started the installation of 3 PV systems for the Reich University in Groningen.
The systems were planned by Ecotecworld and are now being installed by its subsidiary, which is also responsible for service and maintenance.
The monochristaline, all-black MABB 295 Wp modules from LDK, which were also used in the Uelser Eck, for example, will be installed.
The substructures come from the manufacturer Esdec. Flat Fix Fusion and Click Fit Evo for steel roofs were used for the two installations parallel to the roof.
The fact that the cooperation between Soltec Services and the electrical installers functions optimally was already evident at the beginning of the year when the projects Patyna residential home in Sneek (NL) and Hof Herder Brouwer in Wijnjewoude (NL) were implemented.
So this service can also be a good alternative for German installation companies. Please contact us for further information.
Further information on the individual modules and substructures can be found on our website.