Planning of a solar park in Wachtum, Coevorden
In cooperation with Ecotecworld Nederland BV, a nine-hectare solar park will be built near Wachtum, Coevorden, on the A37 motorway between the Oosterhesselerweg and the Stukdijk. A committee meeting on Tuesday 7 April 2020 showed the positive feedback from all parties to the construction.

Changes due to high voltage lines
Since the selected land is crossed by high-voltage lines, an objection was at first raised by TenneT, operator of the national high-voltage grid in the Netherlands. However, a rapid solution was found by making some adjustments to the planning, for example by increasing distances.

Local interest in sustainability
One of the prerequisites for the foundation of a solar park is that there is social support or local involvement. For this purpose, a so-called participation plan has been developed, through which residents can invest in a local sustainability fund.

We look forward to the installation starting soon and will of course keep you informed!

Source: Report by rtv Drenthe
Photo: Chelsea on Unsplash