A current project from July is the installation of two photovoltaic systems on kfW40plus semi-detached houses in the Lemker Wiesen construction area in Uelsen. Each of the two systems has an output of 7.36 kWp with 23 monocrystalline full-black modules, type CS1H-320Ms from the manufacturer Canadian Solar.
The modules are each connected to a string on different roof surfaces with different orientations. This is possible thanks to the technology from the manufacturer Solar Edge, where so-called optimizers are installed on each module. This turns them into intelligent modules, they search for the points for maximum power output individually and thus increase the energy yield of the PV systems.
The inverters used in both systems are the latest three-phase StoreEdge inverters type SE7K-RWS. In addition, it is planned to install the LG Chem RESU 6.5 battery system with 48V storage.
We are pleased that we were able to implement such a great project again!
You can find more information about the Solar Edge optimizers here.