Photovoltaic system with energy storage system for RoBeO GmbH

EcotecWorld was also asked to install a photovoltaic system with an energy storage system for the new office of the real estate company RoBeO GmbH in Neuenhaus. This system was also used for the “Uelser Eck” project in the course of this year. It offers the advantage of storing the direct current obtained from solar energy and then converting it into alternating current. So it can be used if the sun does not have enough power. Since no electricity from the main grid is needed during this time, the energy storage system is very cost-effective and above all sustainable.

This battery storage system has a capacity of 63 Ah and a “usable energy” of 9.3 kWh, i.e. it is able to provide e.g. approx. 500 Watt for 18.5 hours for the optimization of the own consumption portion.
Since two of the installed modules are equipped with an optimizer, this “double module” can be monitored individually, which is an advantage if there are problems at any point, because it is not necessary to search for it for a long time.
According to certain regulations, this system complies with the KfW 40+ standard for homeowners as well.

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Here you can learn more about RoBeO GmbH.