The first panel for the solar park Energiestreek Winschoten was officially arranged. After co-director Eric van den Broek’s welcome, Nienke Homan,the deputy of the Province of Groningen praised the pioneering spirit and perseverance of Energiestreek’s entrepreneurs, saying “the solar park is setting a good example”. The Councilwoman of the municipality of Oldambt Laura Broekhuizen confirmed this and emphasized that the municipality has further ambitions in projects such as the solar park Winschoten. Together they set up the first solar module under the supervision of the invited guests.
The Winschoten solar park comprises approximately 11 hectares and over 21.700 solar panels of Canadian Solar, equipped with SolarEdge optimizers and inverters. Overall, the Winschoten solar park achieves 6 million kWh of electricity per year, enough for around 1.750 households.
The Energiestreek Winschoten CV was developed by Energiestreek BV from Coevorden. The German company SUNICS Solar is building the solar park. EcotecWorld, a wholesaler of solar modules and related accessories, is the supplier of solar modules with optimizers and converters for this solar park.