In March, two new projects were launched in cooperation with Soltec Services in the Netherlands.Soltec Services is a subsidiary of EcotecWorld, which is responsible for the installation, service and maintenance of PV systems.In the first project in Sneek for the Patyna nursing home, 494 modules x 280 Wp were installed, which corresponds to a total output of 138.32 kWp in East-West installation. The second project is the installation of 1160 modules x 285 Wp with a total output of 330.6 kWp at the Herder Brouwer farm in Wijnjewoude. The modules were installed parallel to the roof in south-west and south-east orientation. The projects were planned by Ecotecworld Environmental Products GmbH, the material was supplied by Ecotecworld Nederland B.V.
The cooperation between Soltec Services and the electrical installers in these two projects proves the optimal order processing.
This service can also be a good alternative for German installation companies. Please contact us for further information.